Monday, August 13, 2007

A doll...

I had no idea why I made this – she took me forever: four sewing classes ($$$) and a great deal of “homework time”. When I “drew” her face this morning, I lost all my mood and gave her a sad looking face…
Honestly, she looks so ugly and looks totally different from the model. I am too shy to show you the model here. Hint: a Japanese pattern by 米山京子。

Although she has no charm, I did not miss even a single detail illustrated in the pattern (except the face, I feel so sorry for her).

I even crocheted a pair of shoes for her to match with the hat!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Amy Butler bags off sewing machine

Pattern: Clutch Handbag with Fabric Flower, from In Stitches by Amy Butler
Fabric: Home Decor fabric from Fabricland for exterior, and Silk (also from Fabricland) for lining, unknow fibre batting and interfacing.

I guess this bag is great for long knitting needles!

Pattern: Amy Butler's Frenchy Shoulder Bag. (sister of Frenchy Handbag).
Fabric: Again, all from Fabricland.

This bag is great for knitting WIP lol...

The Name Tag Thing!

I forgot to mention about my name tag for the knitting camp! So here it is:


Indeed it is a wrist warmer! And Meg said it is the first wrist warmer name tag she saw in the knitting camp!

Last but obviously not the least, I have to mention about my baby or bear sweater that I made during the camp. I am really proud of myself because I did:
1. EPS for overall design.
2. Crocheted steek for neck line (the Kangaroo-pouch?!).
3. Machine-stitched steek for arm holes.
4. Three-needle-binding-off for one sleeve, and crocheted seam for the other.

STEEKS - I fear no more!