Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Where is the Knitnerd?

She hasn’t knitted for quite a while. The needles are cold and need warm up.

She hasn’t sewn for quite a while (except last weekend when she alternated her pants for her Iron Ring Ceremony because they were way too long for her). She felt so sorry for her Pfaff.

She tried her utmost for the last year of Skule (supposed to but somehow failed to).

She will finish undergrad in less than TWO months.

Now she is confused about what to do next TT.

Grad School? Work? China? Where to? It’s too much confusion because after all I am just an ordinary girl. I question about my competency of being an Engineer, not a lousy Engineer but a responsible and passionate Engineer who really knows the tricks of the trade. After five years of education and training, I still feel like I am not ready.

Maybe I will just create a Craft Atelier someday in my life.

But, still, no needlework post until May.

Please wish me the best of luck for my last two months of Undergrad!


jess said...


You are the most modest person I know, but you are always so amazing at whatever you do =)

opportunityknits said...

all the best wishes! you can do it :)

mos. said...


UT自己的JOB POSTING SITE好像一般吧? 機會不是很多,像MONSTER什么的我好像經常看到有BRIDGE ENGINEER什么的呀....if that is your profession= =

如果連你也要回國,我覺得加拿大真是太悲哀了…… 雖然說我自己也有在考慮。

Dra said...

Good luck Angela.

Like what Jess said, you are always amazing at whatever you do. You just need to stop doubting yourself and go for whatever you want to be.

mildawg said...

Best of luck! Waiting until May to hear about your crafty adventures :)